Find the Best Stationary Bike Stand

Bicycle riding has been a major mode of transportation for about two hundred years.  As time has progressed, bicycling has become more and more popular as a method to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength.  While we all love to be able to ride outside with a nice breeze blowing while you fly down the road, this is not always possible.  If you ride long enough, inevitably you will be forced to get your ride on inside due to weather or when time is of the essence.  This is where a high quality stationary bike stand (a.k.a indoor bike trainer) can be a life saver!

Here are our picks for the best stationary bike stands.  Scroll down past the table to read more about the different types of stationary bike stands and what to consider when you are looking to buy one for your home.

Pricing Key:
$- less than $100
$$- 100-150
$$$- 150-250
$$$$- 250+

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A stationary bike stand allows you to ride your bike indoors safely with most providing you with resistance settings and other customizable options.  When you choose the stationary bike stand that meets your needs you will need consider the following: price, type, features, materials, and set up.  Let’s explain each of these in more detail.

Price is obviously a factor on any purchase you make, and it should be no surprise that stationary bike stands come in a variety price ranges.  The quality of a stationary bike stand tends to be closely correlated with price.  The most common differences you will see with higher priced stationary bike stands include higher quality materials, quieter, increased durability, and a more road-like ride.

Stationary bike stands also comes in several different types which I will attempt to explain. The most common type of stationary bike stand is the mechanical resistance bike stand.  These trainers have a frame which hold your back wheel in the upright position.  Your back wheel will likely sit on a cylinder shaped object that will provide you with resistance.  These are great for most recreational riders who looking to get a workout as they are less likely to cause injury, but often are more expensive.

On the other hand there is the roller stationary bike stand.  With this type of stationary bike stand, the back wheel of the bicycle sits between two wheels which allows you cycle in place.  However, these take more practice to get used to as the bicycle is not held in place like with a mechanical resistance stand.  On the plus side, these trainers will give you a more realistic road riding feel as the rider is responsible for keeping the bike upright.

Most stationary bike stands include different resistance settings, but you will want to check our chart to see how many levels a specific trainer has as they can differ.  Also, if you are looking into a mechanical resistance trainer you will want to know which type (magnetic, wind, or fluid) will best meet your needs and budget.

Having the information provided here at Stationary Bike Stand HQ will most definitely assist you in making a great stationary bike stand purchase.  Our goal is to provide you with the most in depth knowledge about indoor bike trainers on the world wide web and hope that you find our reviews helpful.  Thanks for visiting and good luck with your search!