3 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Stationary Bike Stand

As a cyclists and and an overall fitness enthusiasts, we try to provide information for you that will help you decide what bicycle stand will meet your needs.  Because there are so many stationary bike stands to choose from these days it should come as no surprise that looking at your motivations, goals, and skill level should come into play when selecting the right stand.  To help in this process we are going to give you the 3 most important questions you should ask yourself when choosing a stationary bicycle stand.

1. What Will be My Primary Use of the Stationary Bike Stand?

It sounds simple right?  If you are a professional cyclist your needs are going to be different than those who are looking for a great stand to supplement their workouts when the weather is cold and time is limited.  If you are an advanced rider look for a bike roller as these do a superb job mimicking outdoor riding while requiring you to continue to balance the bike independently.  However, for novices to casual riders you will likely be best served by a reasonably priced magnetic trainer that will still give you a great ride on a budget.

2. What Kind of Stationary Bike Stand Do I Want?

Rollers generally give a more realistic ride.

Rollers generally give a more realistic ride.

While in the first question we utilize your skill base to help determine the right stand for you it is important to realize that you will want to discover your individual bike stand preferences.  Typical back tire attaching (mechanical resistance) stands come in three main types: magnetic, fluid, and wind.  Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of these trainer types will ensure that you will be satisfied with your bike stand choice.  Rollers are often more expensive but generally do a better job providing a realistic riding experience.

3. What is My Budget?

The Rad Mag Trainer is a popular inexpensive trainer.

The Rad Mag Trainer is a popular inexpensive trainer.

Stationary bike stands like most things cycling come in a wide variety of features and price points.  The least expensive stationary bike stands will cost you around $75.  On the other extreme you can easily find yourself spending $400 or more.  So, while finding a great bike stand based on your individual needs and goals is a worthwhile endeavor, the money you are willing/able to spend to have a session indoors will often determine the quality of your indoor ride.

Well, there you have it.  Three questions that anyone in the market for a stationary bike stand should ask themselves.  With this guidance we believe that making a solid decision on the right bike stand will be a simpler and more enjoyable experience.  Ride on!

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