Cascade Fluid Pro Trainer Review

Today we have our first review of a Cascade Bike Trainer, the Cascade Fluid Pro.  This stationary bike stand trainer is available at a premium level price, but has the features to match, which overall makes this trainer a good value.  Because of the price and quality of this bike stand, we see this bike trainer being a good fit for experienced riders who are serious about cycling and also want the best equipment available.

So, what exactly makes the Cascade Fluid Pro such a desirable piece of equipment for cyclists?  To start the materials used on this trainer are heavy duty and top quality.  For example, this beast of a trainer is able to support up to 400 lbs. of weight!  This even surpasses the similarly priced Cycleops Fluid 2 by 100 lbs.  On the flip side, this is a heavier trainer weighing in at 32 lbs.  While this may make it harder to transport for some riders, this weight also helps to keep the Cascade Fluid Pro in place during an indoor riding session.  However, it is a foldable unit which is a plus.

The flywheel on this particular model is also worth noting.  At 7 lbs. it is a monster sized piece and contributes to the Cascade’s higher weight limit.  The fluid is double sealed which helps to prevent any type of leaking from occurring.  This double seal technology should make the Cascade Fluid Pro last longer than many of its competitors.  The precision roller also enhances the ride making this one of the smoothest riding bike stands that money can buy.  We must admit that we also are impressed with the no-slip tension adjuster that helps to lock the roller and helps cyclists to customize their ride at their individual level.

The setup for this stationary bike stand is easy and the unit comes already put together except for some minor components.  The patented Quick Connect makes set-up a cinch so that you will be riding your Cascade stand in a matter of minutes, not hours.  The roller adjustment nob is able to accommodate bike tire diameters that range from 24″ to 29″.   The front riser that comes with this unit (awesome!) is a great addition to this stand as well and reinforces the stability of the ride.

Speaking of the ride, the Cascade Fluid Pro provides a top quality ride that works to mimic the feel of riding outdoors.  The folks at Cascade mimicked outdoor riding by matching up this trainer’s power curve to match cycling on the road.  As you can see in the graph below they were able to match this power curve with precision.


courtesy of

This trainer works to imitate the ride outside but it tries to do anything but as far as noise level is concerned.  The Cascade Fluid Pro is one of the quietest stationary bike stands that you will find.  You can easily use this trainer while watching television without having to turn the volume up to a blasting level.

Overall, we love what Cascade has done with producing the Cascade Fluid Pro.  When factoring in the features, quality, lifetime warranty, and included front wheel riser, this stand turns out to be a nice value for the advanced rider.




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