Cycleops Magneto Trainer Review

downloadThe quality of workmanship and material of the Cycleops Magneto Bike Trainer is worth every penny spent. This is one of the many reasons why the Cycleops Magneto made our list as one of the best magnetic bike stands.Of the various magnetic trainers out there, this system is one of the more elite options. While the price tag is at a premium, you’ll be getting what you pay for. Anyone wanting to bike train indoors can take advantage of the bike stand whether you’re a beginner or a pro. From easy riding to biking uphill in a forward lunging position, this trainer can mimic your outdoor bike training in all ranges.

What sets the Magneto Trainer apart exactly? It is the first magnetic bike trainer to offer progressive resistance. As you increase the pedal speed, the Cycleops Magneto trainer keeps up by offering speed on a natural curve. You won’t need to adjust manually, you just need to shift gears as though biking outdoors. The heavy-duty construction along with the locking bolt ring ensure that you won’t experience any wobbling. It’s a solid system comprised of aluminum that is built to last and sustain your workout, no matter how hardcore. You are free to climb or sprint with confidence. The rear leveling foot is asymmetrical for optimum performance. Your workout will feel natural and you will have plenty of options thanks to the Power Band Technology which allows for a wide variety of resistance. You can choose from easy spins up to lung-burning climbs while never having to make adjustments on the unit.

The zinc alloy internal flywheel ensures that the system is quiet as you perform your magneto in actionworkout. Pushing down harder while you pedal will create resistance, simulating a lung-searing climb. Other mentionable features include the adjustable foot pads and a self-cooling mechanism. The resistance unit adjustment is applied by the clutch knob.  The quick release handle and folding legs for storage make the Magneto a great option for serious riders who live in smaller spaces. The Magneto Trainer comes with it’s own skewer that fits the standard 130mm tire. It’s fine if you have thicker tires as the resistance wheel is wide, allowing for plenty of space in the contact are.

The Magneto Trainer is backed by a lifetime warranty based on Cycleops’ confidence in the quality and durability of this system. They have also made the system easy to use, thereby eliminating wear and tear. It comes with an instructional manual as well as a training DVD to get you on your way.

This unit is quiet under any circumstance so you won’t experience a constant noise while you workout. You will be able to ride it as hard as you normally would outside with a natural feeling even in the uphill simulation. The Magneto Trainer is backed by a warranty that will ensure you can enjoy your trainer for years to come. Just set it up with ease and you’ll be on your way to enjoying indoor bike training. This trainer fits a general mountain bike or road frame, includes 120, 130 and 135mm spacings.




If you are looking for a less expensive yet high quality trainer, then consider the Graber Mag Trainer.

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