Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer Review

kinetic road machine fluid trainerWhen going outdoors for a ride is not an option, the Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is an amazing indoor alternative. The Consumer Review ranked the Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer among the top of the class for indoor cycle trainers. It offers a super-quiet ride, realistic resistance, durability, and accurate progressive performance. The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer offers the same fluid resistance unit from their Rock and Roll Trainer attached to a lighter, more compact frame. From sprints to a long cruise, the power calibration gives you the truest simulation of an outdoor ride from the convenience of any indoor space.

The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is a versatile indoor bicycle trainer with leak-proof magnetic drive system and automatic resistance changes.  It features measurable, repeatable workload with an authentic road feel generated from the solid 6.25-pound flywheel. The large flywheel offers a realistic, 15-second coast down from 20 mph. These innovations make the trainer feedback feel like your riding on the real road where you are propelled by your forward motion.

Keep your race tires mounted on your wheels, because the Kinetic Road Machine Fluid trainer has a larger-than-average 2-1/8 in. roller which reduces tire wear. The roller and resistance unit are engineered underneath the bike more than other common trainers, which minimize the length footprint of the trainer. This configuration also decreases vertical bouncing that some riders get during hard sprint efforts, increasing the smoothness of the ride. The trainer sets up easily in any indoor space, so you do not have to leave the trainer in the middle of the living room all winter long. Kinetic Road Machine Fluid trainer is a relatively affordable solution for successful training when time or weather keep you from going outside for you cycling session.

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