Kurt Kinetic Magnetic Trainer Review

41fph5N6A3LLet’s take a look at Kurt’s Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer. The Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer is a top-quality product that allows you to bring your bicycle indoors to use as a stationary bike when the weather turns bad, the roads are too busy, or you don’t have enough daylight hours to ride outdoors. This trainer is priced at a premium level, making it a great choice for serious cyclists who don’t want to let bad weather impact their training and fitness levels. The Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer comes with high recommendations for both quality and ease of use, which makes it a solid bet when purchasing a stationary bike stand.

The features that set the Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer apart from the rest are many; first of all, this stationary bike stand can be used with a wide variety of bicycles, from smaller 22-inch wheels to mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels. It’s also a perfect choice for cyclocross, BMX bikes, single speed bikes, and lower geared bicycles. This variety gives you a product that can be widely used, even if you have multiple bikes you use for different activities.

The magnetic resistance unit featured in the Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer is second to none, and its benefits prove it to be a solid bet for any cyclist looking for a quality piece of craftsmanship. Kurt’s magnetic resistance product is one of the quietest on the market, and along with a quiet ride, you’ll find one of the coolest as well, as we found that this Magnetic Bike Trainer keeps its cool better than most competitors. This magnetic unit also incorporates Eddy Current technology, allowing the rider a resistance of up to 850 watts at 40 mph. This technology also helps the Kinetic Magnetic Trainer to allow a higher mid-range resistance that other models built by Kurt. For those of you into mountain biking and cross biking, this makes a great choice for a stationary bike stand for you.  It’s also important to note that Kurt Kinetic’s magnetic resistance unit is interchangeable with and of their other frames. The following video from Kinetic shares some of their thoughts on the magnetic resistance and more:

Some other sweet features of the Kurt Kinetic Magnetic Trainer that we found to be important were the 9 position thumb shifter, the ergonomic rubberized knobs for easy maneuvering, and the 6.25 pound flywheel. The thumb shifter changes your resistance smoothly and quietly, without any worry of fighting with a difficult knob. We found the rubberized knobs and feet provided easy set up with the bicycle, and the feet were easy on different types of floors. The flywheel is large- an industry leader- so you can have a realistic and comfortable ride with a wide variety of bicycles.

To cover some specifics, the Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer comes fully assembled, with a lifetime warranty that protects your bike trainer in case of any issues. It’s hard to find things nowadays with such a great warranty! The Kinetic Magnetic Trainer folds flat for easy storage during any times you may not use it, without taking up a lot of precious storage space. The trainer comes with one standard cone cup and one slotted cone cup installed; you receive an additional standard cone cup and Kinetic skewer as well. It’s worth noting that the Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer does not include a riser for your front tire, but they sell a Riser Ring that can be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a magnetic resistance bike trainer that can be used with a variety of bicycle types and will last you a long time, you can bet the Kurt Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer is a solid pick.




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