RAD 1112 Indoor Magnetic Bicycle Trainer Review

The Rad Mag Trainer is a popular inexpensive trainer.

When looking to buy a stationary bike stand for your home you have several things to consider when making your purchase.  One major factor that comes into play is the balance between quality and price.  Certainly, you do not want to buy a stationary bike stand that is so cheap that the quality of the riding experience suffers.  However, if you are a recreational rider you likely will not need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to find a stationary bike trainer that will meet your needs.

This is where the RAD 1112 stationary bike stand makes its mark.  Coming in at a price well below the $100 price point, this bike stand does a very nice job of combining quality with affordability.  With similar features of other high quality magnetic trainers, the RAD 1112 is a great choice for the casual rider who wants to be able to complete cycling workouts when the weather is bad, or when you don’t have the time to go for an extended ride outdoors.

Now we are going to break down some of the specific features that make the RAD 1112 stationary bike stand unique.  One of the cooler things on this bike stand is that the legs are foldable, which is useful for those who plan to use their trainer in an apartment or other small space.  This is also one of the lighter bike trainers available and weighs just 17 pounds.  The folks from RAD or “Ride All Day” have redesigned the RAD 1112 bike trainer to increase the stability of the stand.  They have accomplished this by separating the legs of the stand, which has done wonders to keep the bike stand in place.

The flywheel of the RAD 1112 Stationary Bike Stand is also nothing to scuff at with an 850 gram machined design that does a nice job of providing a natural riding experience.  The magnetic resistance on this stand is also quiet so that you can watch TV or listen to music while you ride without any significant issues.  The RAD 1112 stationary bike stand also features a quick release skewer so that you will not have to waste extra time detaching your bike from the stand.

Despite the relative quality of the stand, we must note that the riding experience provided by this trainer will not match up to that found in more expensive trainers like the Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer.  If this is the expectation you have then we would suggest you look elsewhere to be satisfied with your bike stand.  Still, if you are more interested in a quality stand to get a good workout with over winning the Tour De France, then the RAD 1112 should meet your needs.

Lastly, the stand fits bike wheels of up to 700cc for road bikes and 26 inch wheels found on mountain bikes.




If you are interested in another similar magnetic stand we suggest that you read our review of the Graber Mag stationary bike trainer.

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