Review of the Blackburn Tech Mag 3 Bike Trainer

One of the best choices you can make is deciding to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.  Cycling is one popular way to get a great workout and burn calories.  Because of this, cycling has helped countless numbers of people lose weight and get in shape.  For those who are not advanced cyclist or compete, then it is important to find a stationary bike trainer that is inexpensive while still able to provide a quite riding experience that is reliable.

If you find yourself to a be a casual cyclist with little time on your hands then the Blackburn Mag 3 Bike Trainer may be the right stationary bike stand for you.  The Blackburn Mag 3 Trainer comes with a lifetime warranty so if anything goes wrong with the trainer, then you can feel confident that Blackburn will replace it for you.  Often bike stands come with these types of warranties and just add another layer of security with your purchase.  This bike stand is a magnetic stand that has three distinct resistance levels that you can adjust so that you get a great ride in no matter what your fitness level is.  Having different resistance levels also gives you the ability to change the settings throughout your workout to spice things up so that riding indoors does not become stale.  We recommend that you use these resistance levels for interval training.  An example of this would be to ride on the lowest resistance for three minutes and then for one minute ride hard on the highest resistance level that you can go to while still being able to pedal.

The Blackburn Mag 3 Bike Trainer comes in weighing just under 26 pounds, which makes it light enough for most people to easily move.  With the cheaper price tag you may notice that the Blackburn Mag 3 does have slightly more noise than it’s more expensive counterparts, however, for most people the amount of noise this trainer produces will be acceptable.  We recommend you try out this trainer before buying if the noise level of the trainer is a major priority for you.

The vast majority of reviewers of the Blackburn Mag 3 have been happy with their purchase.  They’ve indicated that the stand is easy to set up and gets the job done well.  As we have mentioned this trainer is best for those who are looking to get a workout in and are casual riders.  Serious cyclists wanting a magnetic trainer would be better off looking to buy a higher priced stationary bike stand such as the Kinetic Mag Trainer and the Cycleops Magneto.

The Blackburn Mag 3 is quite sturdy and will stay in place during your ride due to it’s redesigned box steel frame.  It also will fit the vast majority of bike tires from 700cc for road bikes up to 26 inch mountain bike tires.




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